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r/o 18.01 RELEASE | emotion

RE–MIND-ERS: Emotional Hygiene Journals


RELEASE is a collection of blank journals – one with lines, another without & an extra with grids.  These journals act as a safe haven for your thoughts, feelings, rants & raves.  They are home to your ideas, creativity, visions, wants and needs.   



Releasing emotions in a healthy and positive manner allows for the growth of self-compassion and development of healthy, positive, new feelings.


Releasing a stockpile of negative thoughts and repressed emotions has once again allowed me to feel. Having become numb due to ruminating on negative emotions and misconstrued perceptions of myself, I became blind to the love and support I was surrounded with. In the midst of a wakeup call I actively decided to create my own catharsis; I created a series of questions as a guide to allow me to explore my emotions on paper. The act of physically writing down my thoughts helped me to release the burden of their weight.


I have learned that one must acknowledge and release emotional traumas in order to simply feel good and replenish the spirit. In order to understand the present, you have to revisit the past; revisiting past traumas and reframing those events in a way that removes the emotional tax it takes on your daily life allows for the bigger lessons to reveal themselves.


Once I realized that I was unknowingly holding on to distorted memories I realized that I was essentially burdening myself with false emotions and disregarding my emotional hygiene. In order to alleviate my emotional fatigue, I had to begin the process of restructuring my memories – I needed a personal reboot [want to add something along the line of REMINDERS being my self-made guide or instructions to myself but anyone can apply it to their lifestyle]. By learning to exercise forgiveness, gratitude, and employing release techniques I was able to strengthen my emotional resilience.


RE-MEMBER: Mental Health App

Taking care of emotional and mental health are lifestyle requirements in practicing self-love, self-care and self-preservation.    


R Nation C.A.R.E.S //

RNC pronounced RANK (Rise Above Negativity Kin)

C.A.R.E.S (Contributions Assisting Recovery Enhancing Sustainability)


R Nation C.A.R.E.S is a Mental Health Advisory Council, which is a coalition of recognized members interested in assessing, planning and strengthening mental health services in our community.  We are focused on reducing stigma, cultivating healthy habits supporting emotional hygiene and the recovery of humans affected by cycles of generational and historical trauma.  With current and future generations in mind, we – as humans, need to heal as a collective so we can be effective in our self-preservation as we learn to come together in our revolution of evolution in humanity by forming a respected platform recalling peace of healthy minds.


Reach Out & Recognize

References & Resources

Referrals & Reminders

Restorative Reactions

Recovery Responses

Real Time Recommendations

Reframing Reality


This app will work best when used in conjunction with properly prescribed treatments and/or in-person therapy.  The purpose is to streamline mental health services through the R18 app, making these services available in quantified measures – acting as a personal health concierge, there will be different methods offered and provided through our R18 MHAC Guide.


RE-SERVE: $1 RPS (R Patients Subscription) + $1 RNS (R Nation Supplies) = AHHH2

RE-FRESH: Treatment for Mental Illness Can Cause Recovery // Activate Member+Serve

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