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i hypothesize 

the day will rise

ouR lives will purely matter

one day the truth

the whole wide truth

will shine

the glass will shatter

so listen close

we cannot boast

or chatter with the laughter

come find your way

it's on display

our matter is the ladder

slip n slide

fall of the ride

it happens


hold no grudge

only God can judge

the vision, path and plan




lies in / rise up


Re-Up, Reform, Reinforce


Stronger Together | RISING |Sustaining Together​

If 18% of the 38,929,319 Black American population collectively devoted $1 each month into The Eighteenth Letter Re-up, Reform, Reinforce RESERVE  [RRR], we would raise over $84 million each year. 

Economic stimulation is one of the best ways to empower any marginalized community.  In effort to effectively contribute to addressing poverty and the wealth gap amongst Black Americans, [R] is creating a dollar a month membership investment club.  

Joining together to stand against society's challenges and injustices one dollar at a time is doable.  Technology gives us the power to make this a reality and it is time that we actively use this tool to empower and enhance the reform that we deserve and need.  


Blacks are underrepresented in the investment community.  We must change this so we can create access and opportunity. It is time that we take action and actively work together to not only overcome societal injustices but to provide the financial means to address our challenges from within.  

The Re-Up, Reform, Reinforce RESERVE is created to empower the Black Community.  We are stronger together, always rising and bringing sustainability to our communities.

woke up this morning / in blessings and praises / reflection of how to sustain all races / the revolution will not be televised / point is to see with your own eyes / no lies / rather R evolution so well devised / in R time without divide / centralized – stylized / knowing that we are the ultimate prize / not the misadvised colonized / stigmatized by poisoned eyes / theorized, traumatized, capitalized over / sad eyes / no more / we abhor your war / R been hit ignore 


born amongst queens and kings / legacy of an empire now rings / R protected muse / R the rectifier no longer misused / here to reinforce / invoke without hysterics / for earth we will inherit / release it – replenish it – respect it / do it all for kith and kin / we have no choice / resilience R brilliance / wild is the wind / remember that / lets be real / it is what it is / can’t reinvent the wheel just tightenin R seal as we trust to feel 


The revolution will not be televised until Pandora’s box is recognized / the backs that act as ox to support the crying eyes / of the systems real lies / broken from fear that we will realize / That we are the light in the darkness / hope silently parks us / expectations only spark us / so skip the line / niggas realign / assorted crackers flatline / emotional hygiene / unplug from the machine / it's not for our green / 


Lets talk humanity / real needs / not wants driven from vanity / your abominable catastrophe / denying one from sanity / come to my safe haven harkness / as we harp on this / connect solutions / so we can relish in Revolution / R.Evolution / from the dark we are born / and in the light we dwell / waiting to excel / as we break free from the spell of hell / in hell?  exhale. 


we are all candles waiting to be lit / our wicks unseen / the fight for gasoline unknown / we are the light in the darkness / can go on forever and harp on this / we are the light in the darkness / intuitive regardless / we are the light in the darkness / been setting up the RESERVE we got this 

do you


Remember James brown 

I'm black and I'm proud 

Well say it 

I'm black and I'm proud

Say it loud 

I'm black and I'm proud 


Ok now 


Well say it louder - like

I'm black and I'm prouder




Say it louder 


I'm black and I'm prouder 


Now Shhhh

I gotta question to ask 

This too shall pass 

It's like class 

Which side do you choose

The crown Or the ass


Your pick

We know real grass

Pick a lick Build R Wic-k 

do you stride with black pride or

Do you stride with black R pride 


I know you're smart 

So listen up 

Listen for R 

Raising the bar

Buck fifty 

I ask again 

So listen Kung fu kin 

Is you down to ride for black pride


do you Stride with black R pride 



I'm black and proud 

Stride with pride 

i cant be loud

while i hide 

in this genocide

so i stride w/

black r  pride


for my nation

i chose to ride

getting ready 

the change is here

splashgod the tide

build bridges

withdraw R fear

r seer

born I was free - true

to truly be me - who

that’s how I roll

gloried black hole-y

so basically fuck thee

golden seal delivery

hood appeal shivery

this shit is so real to me

I will never fucking kneel

Fifth element ego ideal

you’ll never own R soul

no shuck and jive control

stay live bankroll fresh

self control loophole

I got that proud flesh

I am bless


Even when I undress

At night I surely rest

Knowledge of the best

protection will revive

simplify, stabilize

energize, harmonize

testify for their demise

ignite divine goodbyes

keys whole set hard line


internal safety on

gold mind enshrined

cloud nine blood line

eighteenth direct pipelines

guideline to the mainline

straight line no grapevines

until the break of dawn

until they die by brawn

light up all R pawns

withdrawn black swan

switched on

a cimarron



like Siamese  khans

positioned positrons

aim the beehive

untie black tie

power dive overdrive

hindsight of oversight

weak foresight not so tight

broken sight of the lucite

what’s wrong aint really right

see if I care

heir of hare

oh where oh where

I see them every where

Perhaps july

Let it fly

Or cause a scare

Make them care


its times to clear the air

answers and shit


or get hit

and if you survive




sacrifice you wish thee

super sadly

or suicide -ly

I do apologize

You were born of he

But your genocide

Would cease

Earths demise

Give ease

Quite frankly

Untried Raw hide

Upside denied

Backside blackside

Divide and collide

On the right side

Of this hillside

No misguide where I reside

with a path ran out of gas

feeling more carefree

something like kylie

No real guard no degree

hybrid empire you will see

its pretty turnkey

my door revealing

itself so surely

you think this is a joke

I’ve fucked a couple blokes

I was curious of their usurious way

Calculating ends delirious they

Backstroke no nigga stroke

Just a pointless poke

My kin better



Breach of the peace

Justice of the masses be

He knows whats up

With that Vitamin D

Straighten out my idiosyncrasy

Pitch a tent



master key


think we’d both agree

Not your average banshee

More sumptuous

But as soon as you covet this

Sirens alert

Succubus divert

Introvert unhurt avert

Extrovert reassert with girt  

Spit your dirt overt pervert

Suddenly destroyer escort exert

Don’t misreport cut off your support

But too bad you can’t handle this

Promiscuously trained

Reminders of refrain

This is how we gain

My nigga is my main

So conspicuous



No stimulus

Sphere of influence

Plot pot stop

Sweet pepper

Black pepper

White pepper no

Had better


Just where did I just go

Have you seen R newsletter

Spreader of better

Personal investment

Make R own cheddar

Block better

Black letter

protection is a first


immersed accursed

Against the fucking weak

Real Cloudburst

Mentor Epicenter

Only pray to grow better

There’s no room for me to enter

The great vendetta

But let me call up

Aunt Donetta

Do we have a problem?

Yes, you see

I come with a gang of Auntie Ds

Black disease




but with more ease


on your knees

infectious disease

parasite twilight

no more miss polite



lets fight this

Protection from the games

Air force pump fakes

Dump trump ducks and drakes

Remove snakes and fakes

Earthquake undertakes

Time to raise the stakes

Jail house drum brakes

Coming for you

You’ll know what to do

But when I get closer

You’ll start to see my poster

Look over your shoulder

Hear the bulldozer

Turn over


Disclosure with closure

R River R Rover

R green

fuck a silly clover

R nation mean

R station beem

this is the raw and the real

no longer here to make 

no mother fucking deals


They need it 

to blend in 

Stop sending R

DNA in


Not invested in me 

We got books 

R family tree 


Our vocal 

Cause we see

So focal

R local only 

R store only

R members only

R tree Only


been seeping

time to stir the tea

R flavor 

so raw and real

branches Be

we aint gotta deal

death i see

so mormans screech

no more leech 

theres been a breach

r nation not your beach

R NATION within Reach

R NATION begins, Lets Speak

We Tippin, There's been a leak

My DNA / Messenger RNA

Transcribing / My reality totality 

Describing / A Decaying  surreality 

Prescribing / DNR plurality / amorality

Kinda sorry - Sike 

get the fuck out my dream life like 

Ghostly business berry like

unsportsmanlike weaselin rabbitlike 

Bread knife 

Collecting homes of trees 

We checking all R cheese

We don't do the Swiss 

Bank R Us A Bank ran by Us

Supporting up

No drown all floats 

R crown bank notes

R currency Self promote

Make a couple different 

See notes in quotes 

Set tone grind stone 

Tombstone Milestone 

Pumice stone megaphone

Words so proud

They say I'm too loud

Stir up a crowd



Sustaining R Reality

Straggler Sunday's 

Let's make these fun days

Get ice cream sundaes

Leave them to waste 


You know I don't fuck with that shit


It's to extract a lick 

Shit makes me sick 

So I fucks with the cookies

Game for the rookies

Legacy no Cookie Monster

Infiltrated no pantry sponsors 

Build up the roster 

Activate R team

I wanna see you ball

Make the world scream

Break the system fall

Makes them devils fall

Don't settle for spaghetti and meatballs 

Remind them of how they crawl

In the dark they lurk 

I don't buy your playboy smirk

Ask my moms about it

She was clear and doubted

Rejected they who be 

Suck us for our money

She stay clear in prayer

Created a sheltered layer

For this I see the land 

The ladder builds up expand 

I've see open hands


Cause they ain't Au natural 

No fucking chemicals

Adriamycin poisoning

Why make us repeat R scream 

Fuck your ice cream trucks

We are the dream deemed

We are supreme we beem

In my day reframe rescene

RAWR hardware restore

Own R store and R money

Gold I see you galdafi 


[ReScene is a mechanism for backing up and restoring the metadata from "scene" released RAR/music files. I.e. you can recreate the original RAR archives again and put back the original tagging on music files. It was created to support the x264 community, but we have found that it works for many of the other "scenes" out there too]

Essential of lifestyle 

Fuck your mentality 

Redeem my bloodline 

I'm ready to align 

I think it's fucking time 





release the polypeptide

End a genocide 

A nation vibin

Listen to what I'm prescribing 

You can see inside me

When you come inside me 

They eat so filthily 

Bloody Mary like bacon please  

Forcing our community 

To eat so unhealthily 

Limiting funding see

For us they don't seek to serve 

So baron they creep like perves

No wonder so weak they be

Poisoning systematically 

Pesticide suicide 

I wonder if I could change the tied

I was rage yet not engaged

Then I stirred and turn the page 

Internal war one day I'll score

Meantime poor cash rich in cure 

Stone Age rampage 

Onstage and backstage

Late bloomer boner stage

teenage rib disengage

Feeling old school old age

It's a disability 

Let's check the credibility

Detectively you're defectively 




And now R rise 

trains JUST ON TIME 


Dear America,

You produce more refugees

Than you protect 

Are you done? Or you wanna see some REAL FUN?



Sent from my iPhone 

(the poisonous apple

you force down ouR throats //

this queen aint eating yo shit no more. whats for snack? do you like oranges? I have an orange tree. protected with skin so juicy it be. bright like the sun/son. apples rot eventually. ferment. brew. oh, the side effects of your poison - only make us STRONGER. so simple minded they are. ha.)


One day someone's going to contribute to me / so deserving / the real / feel true and be free / the day when I / see this world's created for me / so watch me be / everything not your enemy / so watch me be / not just a foolish fantasy / so watch me be / the best version of me / you'll see / this is R reality / breaking free from mad duality / communicate more humanly / vibrate / we R the same frequency / be one and fulfill R destiny 



What is fear / who put in full gear / sped life up / face stuck with a leer / has me acting wrongfully / lying smiling deceitfully / when I see the poison they feed to me / the fear and need / they seek from me / your machine, i am coming for the spleen / fear R nation / R machine has been engaged / time to feel R rage / words from a sage / R 


Our nation

well devised

true minutemen


not inflicted

with self demise

comforted with other’s cries

sleight of hand

preferred backhand

even those

disguised black hands 

waiting for command

all seeking righteous land

your demand

your supply

it is us on who you rely

when we prevail

and float above

for our cries 

Hail in jail 

burn from love

where to turn

you will learn

Respect, is how you earn 

How to share

heir will bare

Shit from curses

drain their purses

respect, is how you earn

R nation you will not burn

no longer here to participate

while you continue to demonstrate  

Your lack of care for people 

How dare thee

propagate you are so great

Don't fall for the bait that's pure evil 

when that is not our fate or truth but we can touch on that a later date

so allow us without hate 

to navigate and create 

without stealing  or endorsing rape

R plans ouR intentions 

I'm telling you 

these, aren't mentions

Secrets of a 

Digital audiotape 

for we are chosen 

bronze and golden 

It's time to change put your cards in 

supreme law of the land


it is us

they begrudge


so hold no grudge

declare to be

free with me

remember with God

comes peace

real solidarity

How dare thee 

Stare at me 

Black I'm not 

They say to me

What type of eyes

Have you bought 

Have you seen yourself

Have you thought 

My mother My father

Black in every degree 

Don't blind eye self 

Remember for we

Stripped from pedigree 

Conditioned through slavery

Blatant misery

Poisoned Mentalities

Souls born causalities

Lost in bigotry

Blind to truths of you and me 

Classless cares 

Nepotistic shares


Heirs of Millionaires 

Dreams of weak mess

I do not think 

So bare the hare 

Eyes fire the gates

Eyes choose not see hate



Deciphered noise 


My lifes precise chaos

Days off without layoffs 

working towards my hiatus 

Understated greatness 

Do I hide In this genocide

Or make a choice use my voice 

Leave my mark All types of bark 

Or in the booth Render truth 

hydrate flood gates skip ova they debates

Build wealth real estate

Legacy Will's golden state 

Born with pride

Black in Stride

Altadena I ride 

All Bridge 

No divide 

For that 

Thank Westridge

Reminders with intentions 

Safe space interventions

Expectations of Self

R dissertations

for real Growth 

Independent thinking

Self determined learning

always burning forever yearning 

Rhymes and reasons 

Let's check Ephesians 

Get along with each other 

Solutions double churning 

Release before I burnout 

Eyes stigmatized 

Mentally hypnotized 

Moments of awakening 

Fostered to get the burn out 

Enabling not threatening 

Our evolution is key


Let Be


Black puzzler 





It comes to me 


I know what's to be



Freedom between the plain and the plane


Freedom between being a ticket for the plane

and owning the plane 

Meaning just got deeper  - 

for what you sew 

you will reap her 

for what they sow 

we don't seek here

R choice 

Our voice 

don't partake 

Straight up 


I'm tryna ball 

ouR own league 

Real Supremes

Or Revival of the dynasties 

Wait O'Shea's just like me 

Come from privilege born poverty 

R parents hustled let's continue B

Real prosperity 

let's call upon thee 

R rarity

R clarity 

Close off their fake charity 

let's extend Our own currency

Repurposing Relations

Protect R world of piracy

Reinforce R stations

R family R Nation

Wild is the wind 

R influence for R kin

Reminders of old friends 

Recirculate let's spend

let's see 

Think about it 

Retire early with buckets 

With no ends 

Clean history 

went down that bridge

Respected me 

no exchange of head

Just me 


at your family's house

Curled up in a chair 

fake House mouse  

So loudly 

did I snore those hours

Pure bore 

no whore 

I remember you sent a pic

Mental store no explore or deplore 

I did show my mom 

I wanted to give a lick

Flaccid yet thick

No stick or short wick

But I'm not reaching out for Manly dick

More so reinforcing 

Comfort no forced scene 

no will power full tool set

I come in peace 

so let's make a bet

Be honest 

Don't break a sweat

where's my piece 

hookah bazooka 

Have you been out to Cuba 

Rolled up in DR 

PR near and far 

Do you carry a scar

Blast away cast away 

Wilsons not even real 

We watched a man talk to a ball

Reminders of R total recall

We're artist but let's ally opp all

I can't believe for a second

that I had to question y'all 

Then I remembered 

I'm the aggress R for y'all

Unleash a beast 

create a new west inn

I got keys 

But I don't fuck with the Hiltons

I'm more of a holiday inn

I'll tell you about my African Twin

And how his perspective 

I would see within my sight 

my sight far from here I see 

so perceptive

So to break it down 

call me when you're in town

Let's make some time

R time is Our time 

Charge to glow

I want to invite you to my space 

And have our parents see 

what they have 

instilled in us 

Tools for Civil tree 

as we are they 

with grace I see 

hold Firm dignity 

We grow 

Irrigate R systems

To insure we flow 

Got a plan no po po

Introduce R services 

Pardon my nervousness 

I'm relearning my voice

Words careful with choice 

Turn the frequency up 

Survey with R cup

So I know R right choice 

Not chatter humble rejoice 

mesh our family legacies

Remind niggas of real life dynasties 

This games no fucking fantasy 

Let's cleanse R earthly ground again 

We must frequent the vibe of kin 

R family legacy IQ Plus 

Twenty years 

twenty eighteen 

Twenty eight 

everyday I'll sing 

Hear my name everyday 

My birthdays on a Friday 


AEG contract you see me 

so come visit us at LACC

Rather yet I'll check your set 

to chino hills bet that check 

Evaluation show off assets 

Resources carry we 

Let's treasure the chess 


Dropped E 

R Ball

he's a brawler 

Not a crawler 

I think it's fucking time

A time to be sublime 

release his collar yes

Irrigation system bless

I need to know what does he need 

for I have travelled far with seeds and honestly I've been waiting for these opportunity R sees to release a key amongst a world and quantify our royal beam a new world order the real supreme 

And not this crop you push for cream 

O'Shea you still there 

It's time we share 

Destroy the hare 

R is now aware 


Who am I / I am R / reminders of who you R / wild is the wind / mushrooms protect from within / precise chaos / curious by profession / met sin but always lived within / my light is lit / out the darkness / as life would have it /

I know you did it /Just admit it / Laugh behind R back / Gonna get smacked / Shottas / R is back / Think I'm fucking playing  / Sit back / The show / Watch me play n slay em / Give back / Jim Crow /Sit back / sip on my yack / Reminders from my nigga / Three stacks come back / Footsie pajamas / Reminders of r truth / Don't dance for bananas / Injustice of Mr booth / His ship only cracked / Wrath of his fury / The angers boils / Oh well see this / surely / Purely / Ready to smack / My ass not that crack / Simple minded fucks / Wouldn't blow you / Not even for a trillion racks


Don't take my chances on crap / Deplorable explorables / Miracle  / You're incurable / Kickback cognac / Draw up the bridges  / Fall back bounce back / Invisible stitches  / Make some extra bread / Pan different fences  / Protect R enriches /Keep sight of the hare / Wild is the wind / Just Obsessions  / Disappointing I swear / An error so clear  / Be witches no snitches / Kodak R enriches  / Golden bear with the stare / Lord's prayer will impair  / White supremacist nightmare  / Prepare for despair  / Turn up R skin care / Bald choice active voice / Don't fuck with fake hair / Tricks of the hare  / Listen careful beware / So good at the foolery / Got niggas wearin they jewelry  / Saying it's for culture  / Buying tight eyes / Straight vultures / No protection  / Eyes lie / Paths of silk / They / Divide /  Could not wait  / Until they calculate / Now anticipate / Inflate the stakes / The real rate  / So they anticipate  / My next action  / So they can pay toll and tax in


They certain gates / Keepers of fortune 

Communist / Keepers of their sin / Or  / Simply the Stan / They saw it an quickly they ran / Quantify R shit  / Wait till I cop that lick  / Distractions of what we naturally Bare / They lack  / Albino sight /  Red eyes with white hair  / Not fair don't stare  / Give a fuck if I care  / Reject your whole being  / Take me to the zoo  / No need for that  / Honey boo boo  / Anyways  / Black voice my rejoice  / Rape culture not my choice / Gotta be mindful of what we endorse  / Black vulture subculture  / Don't fall for the tricks  / They poisoned the systems / No longer assist them  / We gotta resist them / They ain't for us  / Celebrate chicks with real dicks / They make sense of that shit / They make cents off that shit / I see Angela flipped that shit  / Wrote another sick script / Confused king with a hidden dream / Confused king letters unseen / How you spell tiger without a R / Set up the play but took it too far / Gave into the game  / Suppose / the devils to blame / Poor family  / Losing Stanley's /  Double R cup  / It's times so wassup /  You know where to find me  / Look up  / I will not blind thee  / Give you my comfort  / buffer not bumper / Lay up shade up / Let's crunch new numbers / Blue rose I rose  / Sunburst  / My purse  / Let's break  / Heaven sake / Devils disperse /  Privy purse / build R converse /  Creatures comfort /  Encumbered  /

With suffer / Don't diddy bop / As you shop / Engage the ball / Watch something s fall/ As we come up / Float above / So the gates /Open up / So off R love 



Always improvise

That's how I improve eyes

Recall your memory 

Explain who you R

truly be Free

we are the light in the darkness / classic minds / growing pains / time is now where divine reigns / time to go / where no popo / holds a presence / only weapons is R essence / through the fire we been tested / generational keys / living life lessons / with clear intentions / you gotta listen / close gaps / unite within / the eighteenth letter / nine eight / day of justice / gettin this out / got me all restless / conditioned to rest less due to others deceit and damaged trust 

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