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woke up this morning / in blessings and praises / reflection of how to sustain all races / the revolution will not be televised / point is to see with your own eyes / no lies / rather R evolution so well devised / in R time without divide / centralized – stylized / knowing that we are the ultimate prize / not the misadvised colonized / stigmatized by poisoned eyes / theorized, traumatized, capitalized over / sad eyes / no more / we abhor your war / R been hit ignore 


born amongst queens and kings / legacy of an empire now rings / R protected muse / R the rectifier no longer misused / here to reinforce / invoke without hysterics / for earth we will inherit / release it – replenish it – respect it / do it all for kith and kin / we have no choice / resilience ouR brilliance / wild is the wind / remember that / lets be real / it is what it is / can’t reinvent the wheel just tightenin ouR seal as we trust to feel 


The revolution will not be televised until Pandora’s box is recognized / the backs that act as ox to support the crying eyes / of the systems real lies / broken from fear that we will realize / that we are the light in the darkness / hope silently parks us / expectations only spark us / so skip the line / niggas realign / assorted crackers flatline / emotional hygiene / unplug from the machine / it's not for our green / it's mean / time to vent one's spleen / laughter unseen / but this ain't no rapture / feels more compression fractured / what's the deal / time to heal 


Lets talk humanity / real needs / not wants driven from vanity / your abominable catastrophe / denying one from sanity / come to my safe haven harkness / as we harp on this / connect solutions / so we can relish in Revolution / R.Evolution / from the dark we are born / and in the light we dwell / waiting to excel / as we break free from the spell of hell / in hell?  exhale. 


we are all candles waiting to be lit / our wicks unseen / the fight for gasoline unknown / we are the light in the darkness / can go on forever and harp on this / we are the light in the darkness / intuitive regardless / we are the light in the darkness / been setting up the RESERVE / we got this 

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